Getting the right idea in front of your clients takes planning and strategy. The Film District LLC creates quality video, animation, and photography that provides value to you and your customers.


Video Production

Video is used to market everything today. We work with you to build content that shows the value of your product, campaign, or event. contact us to see how we can increase the value of your project.

CGI / Animation

Give your idea life with motion graphics. Let us make a custom 2D or 3D animation that attracts your audience, brings value to your customers, increases your brand.


Get Photo's that matter. Make the most of your event with photography that stands out. 



WEDDING Videography



Our Silver package includes:

  • 1 hour Pre-Wedding Coverage

  • Wireless Mic + Backup

  • 2 Ceremony Cameras

  • Digital download



Our Gold package includes:

  • 1 Highlight Video

  • 3 Cinema Cameras

  • 2 Cinematographers

  • Digital download


Gardner Pic.png


Our Platinum package is all inclusive plus... 

  • Unlimited Coverage

  • Love Story Video

  • 5 Cinema Cameras

  • Digital download

Contact us about capturing your proposal, or other creative ideas that you can share at your wedding. 


Real Estate

"Do you have a client you know would love the property if only they could see it? Showing off the best features of your property gives your client the ability to know they want to buy. Here's to helping your client - Where Quality Returns Interest."